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1100 Farring

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  1. chilibebber

    I have a farring for an 1100. It is a full unit complete with windshield and also have the keys to the compartments. It is free to whoever wants it and will either pick it up or pay the shipping. You will have to paint it to match your bike I am sure.

  2. wzdar6

    good luck chili giving stuff away has been tough for me. had a friend that had some beagle pups for sale @ $25 each didn't sell any. the next week he ran another ad in the local paper again with the price being $35 each and he sold them all. sometimes free means something ain't right!! if no one takes it maybe $100 bucks will make it look like a great deal!

  3. vgink18054

    i would like to have that faring and would gladly pay shipping.
    my e-mail is

  4. Mzufinbrof

    Please put me second in line....yeah, right Don't think it will make it down to me.


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