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1100 Classic Silverado Saddlebags

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  1. hijamooze

    Anybody know whether the pre-quick release Yamaha Silverado Saddlebags use the same mount as the current quick release Yamaha Silverado Saddlebags? I don't have a model number or anything unfortunately, and want to make sure before I buy.

  2. yaro

    I had a 08 Silverado and OEM saddlebags are not quick release . I'm not sure, but you may need different mount for quick release bags.

  3. richartkreer

    i have a 05 silverado and the factory bags are not quick disconnect. it bag has 4 screws that hold them on

  4. hijamooze

    My bad. Didn't mean quick release for bag off the bike.

    Meant the buckles strap - some have a plastic clip beneath the buckle, which I referred to when I say quick release. No quick release would be opening/closing like a belt through a buckle.

  5. yaro

    In that case, my 08 had a plastic quick release under the belt metal buckle. I don't know the mounts are different from older years bags.


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