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  1. yerzejricg

    Hey all, I was at the stealer today and looking at this bike. I have the fever again! I have a vstar 1100 cruiser that I love, but I like the looks of this royal star and it seems a little bigger which is a plus for me (daddy long legs here).. Anyone want to share their thoughts about this bike?

  2. deyaz469

    Just went from a vstar 1300 to a rstd last week and so far i love it it is a monster compared to my old bike and this one is 850lbs i am 6 1 and 260 so i needed to get into a bigger bike i looked like skipper riding a shwin bicycle anyway i am going out for a week next week and can let you know better but all in all i am glad i made the switch. thing to get used to is the power band differance in th rstd it likes to run at higher rpms than the v twin other than that everything is the same

  3. yerzejricg

    i looked like skipper riding a shwin bicycle
    Had to laugh at that one. I'm 6'4" so I know the feeling. Thanx, let me know how the ride goes...

  4. deyaz469

    O ya so far my gas milage from the 1300 to here has dropped from 45 to 35 mpg

  5. yerzejricg

    O ya so far my gas milage from the 1300 to here has dropped from 45 to 35 mpg
    ...And gas just went up 20 cents over night here...$3.42 - $3.48

  6. hik4z

    The Royal Star is very roomie, I'm 5'9" and don't put highway pegs on my Venture because the bike as so much leg room I don't need them. Much more leg room than a Wing or a BMW LT.

  7. terfgo

    Just checked my 07 RSTD milage last week after a 500+ mile trip... 44.5 MPG. I travel with a couple of guys with wings and we are all within 1/2 MPG of each other. I'm pretty happy.

  8. alpj

    hello every body
    i have just brought myself one of the last 07 royal stars in brisbane australia
    it is only my 2nd bike and i love it nice and smooth and it is like having two bikes in one, my wife and i are planning a trip of about 1000km one way up the queensland coast so this bike should be comfy as

  9. zhovman

    I have an 08 RSTD and so far like it very well. I have done only one oil change on it and have just over 1000 miles on it. So far, I have noticed a slight whine when running up through the gears and again on/at cruise. I do plan on switching over to a synthetic oil soon on my next oil change or 2 (just want to get it broke in well before pampering it). Fuel mileage has been between 46 and 49 mpg. I joke about it being my big Briggs and Stratton Lawnmower (as that is what it sounds like to me when accelerating). So far, no problems with it and I hope to not have any (even with a 5 year warrenty). Hope to run across some of you down South someday....

  10. gennevicg21

    Well this is a killer bike and I have the s modle which has a bit more chrome than the raven. Anyway I am 5 10 and found the bike to be a bear at stop lights and parking lots especialy with a full tank and my wife on the back. I installed the Barons lowering link and took it for the first time today. Awesome. This is the way it should have come from the factory. I think it handles better. I stand flatt footed and believe me it it is better looking. My wife says it has a real sleek look now. I have a 06 c90T 1500 v twin and its nice too but this critter is like butter going down the road. It revs nice with a roar in the power band. 100 plus no problem. It will leave most harleys in the dust. I got the lower air wings and they are nice too. Adjust air on your feet in the summer and extra protection when cold, Also adds to the lowrider look. 6 disc changer was installed on end and skipped terrible. I reinstalled it flat and cut in a block of foam and it rarely skips. Gobs of leg room so it doesnt need hiway pegs at my hieght but I am going to get a set anyway. Looking for a riders back rest. Nice bike.


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