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06 V Star Engine Light

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  1. sytr5

    what would cause my engine light to stay on all the time?

  2. Troober

    what would cause my engine light to stay on all...

    A broken engine???? can be easily fixed..... Unplug the light..

    I'm sorry but that was just too easy... I could not pass it up. Can you give us more details, like last time you did service, current mileage, any unusual sounds, or actions or any recent mods, a little help would be helpfull.....

  3. yhoower

    Troober sometimes you just kill me!

  4. retzdaret

    I would start with checking your oil level. You did not say what model V-star you have so I can not be more specific.

  5. BikRet

    Hmmm first post....welcome to the forum.....check your connectors for anything loose, it may be a sensor fault and if you're lucky its just a loose contact. Otherwise you have to get it scanned to see what it is, if you can get the code that turned it on you will be a lot better off.

  6. BikRet

    Oh and Troober unplugging it is too much tape covers all

  7. sytr5

    It is a 2006 V Star 650 Classic, I don't notice anything on how its running, just bought the bike and the guy told me he just had it serviced. It only has 4200 miles on it, the only thing modified was he put drag pipes on it.

    Thanks for all the responses

  8. yohntoe1

    just serviced and engine lite on?hhmmm.....ask him who did the service and question them on it .
    my first thoughts are oil level though.

  9. Troober

    I would say since you just bought the bike to take it to your local yammie dealer, introduce yourself to the staff and the mechanics. If they are any good you will want them to know you by name well enough to call them and ask questions and advice. Tell them you just bought the bike, and Have them check out the bike for you... Make some new friends and welcome to the group....

  10. MigejCojode

    That light only comes on when your engine speed does not match your vehicle speed. Either your speedo is disconnected or you throttle position sensor is malfunctioning/disconnected.

    It's not connected to oil or any other sensor on the bike besides speedo or throttle position.


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