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05 vstar ais intact

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  1. yohntoe1

    hey everyone ..just wanted everyone to know that my 05 vstar has cobra pipes and jet kit and still retains its ais system .this can be done.i know alot of riders have problems retaining thier ais system after upgrades but that just isnt the case for me .i had the jet kit installed at the dealers and put the slipons on myself.they tuned the bike with the new pipes on it and its original paper air filter.i have never had any popping or backfiring or any other issues.maybe i am just a lucky one .but this goes to show with proper tuning it can be done and ais left in place.

    any other success stories out there?

  2. VzdarManiac

    was it the full exhaust or slipons? I have slipons with my back, I love them. I'm looking to get the 1100 this fall or Next spring.

  3. RetRoatie

    Almost no tuning needs to be done in that situation. Things change when you go full system, and add an air kit.

  4. totke19bt

    My V&H pipes were ok without disabling the AIS. I had a few more pops on decel than I wanted, so I disabled too. I would venture (no pun intended ) to guess the Cobras to maybe be like a drag pipe, where you really wouldnt notice the extra popping *shrugs*

  5. ButtjinSdL

    Like Red said, and I agree. If you were to add an air kit, you would need to disable the AIS. Adding slip-ons doesn't change much of anything except the sound. Re-jeting is normally necessary with a full exhaust change-out, and disabling the AIS is normally necessary when changing out the air filter for an air kit.

  6. yohntoe1

    they are slip ons ,you must have missed that .i rode a 650 star for near 2 years befor i traded up to the 1100 myself.i thought about an air kit but most i talked to about it said they really didnt "feel" that much difference and if i was too add it now i would have to rejet. i just dont see the "big" difference in a complete exhaust verses the slipons.heck...i can go fast enough for my

  7. yg1zdarz

    With cobra slash cuts on my 1100, (full system, rejetted) I was constantly tweeking to keep the backfiring down, I disabled the ais (the lazymans way) and eliminated the problem completely and imediately. Why pump air into the exhaust anyway? Only answer is to meet the ppm specs for polution standards. (Our solution to polution is dilution) really doesn't change a thing. But if your state requires the ais (sigh) ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

  8. fiweoyoe

    I bought my vstar used.How can i tell if my carbs have kits in them.Also i have after market pipes on it not sure what brand.Iam having a problem when i let off the gas I am getting a lot of back firing though the exhaust.The bike is 2004 vstar 1100 .There are some vacum lines pluged on each side of the motor.One by the air filter an one by the fuse box. I sure could use some help.THANKS.

  9. cmkippj

    I HAVE thunder manufacturing "tornado air kit" w/ cobra speedster shorts. installed with a jet kit and it is still popping SEVERLY.
    what is AIS? that everyone is speaking about

  10. Ravhite

    I HAVE thunder manufacturing "tornado air kit" w/ cobra speedster shorts. installed with a jet kit and it is still popping SEVERLY. what is AIS? that everyone is speaking about
    It's an air injection system that is on the bike to make the EPA happy. It is not required for proper function of the engine just to reduce emissions. It is located behind the left side cover in the lower section. There is a link here that I posted previously on how to disable the system.

  11. cmkippj

    i saw that in the service manual! cool, cool. i want to take mine off but other than taking off the lines and capping them do you have to take off the box? it runs from each cylinder head to the back on left side into some sort of box, do you remove the box as well??

  12. khunder102

    Hi Y'all,

    I think I can help shed some light on this. I completely removed the AIS on my bike and plugged the holes with a Baron's AIS removal kit (about $20).

    Here's a link with directions to remove or disable the AIS:

    Hope this helps.


  13. cmkippj

    Ghunter i appreciate the link this will help tremedously! i am hoping bike will run smoother w/ out this AIS it will sure look cleaner


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