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03 650 Silverado died on Freeway

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  1. ynordonzr

    Winter mileage has always been bad 40-42 mpg but yesterday on the freeway while it was raining heavily it started to buck at 108 on the trip meter. switch to reserve, maybe a little late and it still died. waited about 15 minutes and it started up fine. My round trip commute is 53 miles a day with 48 of that being freeway which I take at 70-75 mph (It's hard to go 65 and be pasted by everyone) Idle is set at 1230 but after the morning or afternoon commute it will have jumped to 1400 at stop lights. Response is great and I shift at 5000 RPMs

    Info on the bike
    38,000 miles on the bike
    everything is stock except for a tach and a givi box on the back
    new clutch 7,000 miles ago
    new plugs 300 miles ago
    oil change 300 miles ago
    K & N filter which I am cleaning today.
    Tire pressure check regularly
    Valves are adjusted every year by the dealer and last August I had the complete 12,000 mile check up (it all starts over again at that point) with them lubricating everything.

    it was raining hard all day and the bike was under a cover at work.

  2. 4mrAkankmpr

    The ethynol in todays 'gasoline' attracts moisture (as does brake fluid, which is why you need to change it periodically), plus the highway speeds you were running will give you worse mpg. Since it was excessively humid outside, I think your fuel may have 'attracted ' more moisture than normal and with the higher water content, it took more fuel to produce the same horsepower. Also, if your air filter was excessively dirty, the high moisture could have choked your engine. ( Try donning one of those white paper dust masks and get it wet from sweat or something and try to breathe, and you'll get an idea what I'm talking about). The former explanation is pure conjecture and may be wrong in your case, but the latter is based on personal experience. If my explanations are incorrect, I'd be open to reasons why they are- at least it makes sense to me, but I'm not a chemical engineer!

  3. ynordonzr

    I also changed the fuel filter after the first post an the old one was in backwards, don't know if this means anything, but the moister does make sense. my cover is 2 years old and I noticed that allot of moister had seeped through it. I have a new one but they are such a hassle to break in the elastic and it takes forever to put on at work every morning. I'm hopping that it was just a bad batch of gas from Sam's Club.

  4. fazdmaxim63

    Not sure if its a starting point or just sumthing to check, the jumping idle sounds like a vacuum leak maybe. On my maxim it was a combo of carb boots and throttle shaft seals but a vacuum leak once warm all the same.


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