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02 650 + 60 MPH + hwy = Totaled

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  1. Todo

    Ive had her sence 05 was the second owner and right before deployment i layed her down hard. i had known the engine was week but i wanted one last ride before we left on deployment. the lower front of the engine blew out and locked her up, went straight for a bit and couldnt hold her up from all the oil that came out. went down to the left and stayed sliding behind her as i watched 6 rolls and 3 flips. Lots of damage that day and now im out alot. I was about to scrap her but got to thinking about how much i liked that bike and the way she was so im goin to rebuild her like new again. If any of you know of where i can find good parts for a good price please let me know. i dont know how but the front and rear fender are almost untouched but everything else is a wipe. i only took one picture of her not vary good but i couldnt stand to take any more. so im goin to start colecting parts so that way when i get back from deployment on the uss truman i can start my build.


  2. tunc

    sorry to hear of the passing of your bike
    it maybe didnt like you goin away and leaving it so it protested on ya

    sounds like a big project ahead of you
    if its totalled it would probably better to get a new ride and mod that one out when you find some bits for it

    whichever way you go enjoy

    be safe on your trip

  3. recumpendpop

    Cost more to rebuild it than another used 650 would cost plus all your time.

  4. Todo

    i had also thought about getting a cheap 650 and chopping the one i got.

  5. wildcatf5

    Glad that you are OK.
    And Thank YOU for your Service!!
    Have a safe deployment.

  6. Heatlikhd

    Rough. I'm glad you weren't hurt much. So now it's wrecked, and has a destroyed engine. Bad combination. Maybe you can find another wrecked 650 with major front end damage to pull parts from. Good luck on your deployment.

  7. Bokobob95

    I am sorry for your loss....+1 on looking for a used one to replace it rather than rebuild..

    Yes, the bikes are "our babies" but they are also "just iron"...


  8. zleebjzal

    Thats tuff man . But as mentioned it would be more cost effective to buy a used one, then to rebuild yours. You can part yours out to help fund your next bike. ( how are the handlebars? )
    Glad to hear you didnt get to hurt, remeber bikes can be replaces you cant.

  9. DragonVStar

    Thats tuff man . But as mentioned it would be...

    I was thinking the same thing, lol. How attached to some of those parts are ya?
    Glad you didn't get hurt man...freaks me out just thinking about it!

    I personally would modify the frame you have now and buy another 650, ride that till your done doing whatever you decide to do to the old frame and then swap everything over. I had an old Shadow with a spare frame I was gonna chop and rake, section and all and then swap the good Shadow everything on to the modified would be a weekend job at that point
    Not to mention, you can still ride the whole time!

  10. sbarnes634

    Ouch. Any landing you can walk away from ....

    Still, lots of fun hours to come. Good luck with the rebuild.

  11. micg10

    glad you didn't get too banged up. good luck with your rebuild.
    maybe good chance to go bigger?

  12. VTvinChic

    A lockup at 60mph and you're still on schedule for deployment without injury - what gear were you wearing!?

  13. Todo

    Thats tuff man . But as mentioned it would be...

    I think the bars are good but im not sure i have to get a good look at her again when i get back from deployment. im looking for somthing cheap to ride on if not then ill just have a good project and a beer or two to work on.

  14. Todo

    here is what she looked like before.

  15. IADawe

    Here's a cheap Vstar for a replacement.
    Kind of in your neighborhood.

  16. Todo

    A lockup at 60mph and you're still on schedule for...

    you know thats what gets me, the hwy was packed with cars but i had on a cut off shirt with my vest and jeans with boots. the road rash wasnt to deep due to the fact i slid on the oil the hole way. that day i stood up and thanked god for nothing broken and didnt get ran over.

  17. popper19

    Not sure how much you are willing to pay or how far you are willing to travel, but Toledo East Honda/Yamaha set up my wife pretty good with a great deal. Check ebay, that's how they do lots of business.

    Then, keep the banged up bike, and pull off what you can salvage for future mods....

  18. BikRet

    Glad you're OK, that really sucks and it could've been worse, IMO the bike doesn't look too bad, but it's only one pic. The blown engine is what would push me to buy a used bike and turn the wreck into a project. Good luck and be safe on deployment.

  19. Todo

    Glad you're OK, that really sucks and it could've been...

    Im actualy looking into the one IADawe posted. it would be a good one to ride till i get mine back up. also im really thinking about gutting mine and chopping it out now just for somthing to do.


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